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How It All Started


Some people have asked what inspired me to write Seed Savers; how it all came about.  I actually wrote the first draft of Seed Savers in about four months in 2010.  A couple of things inspired me.  First, I watched the movie, Food, Inc.  In the movie, there was a story about Moe Parr,  a seed cleaner, being sued by Monsanto. I was struck by a couple of things. One, I never knew that such a job, a seed cleaner, existed.  What else didn’t I know?  The other thing that really broke my heart was that this guy, this seed cleaner  from the heartland,would most likely lose his job.  In fact, I wondered if the occupation of seed cleaner would become non-existent.  I think from there, the idea for Seed Savers germinated  and took root, pardon the pun.

The other half of the inspiration, the part about why it is focused toward middle grade, is easy.  I was teaching middle school at the time.  And the kids I taught weren’t the biggest readers.  I thought maybe if I wrote them a book, they would read it; okay, or something like that.  🙂

One comment on “How It All Started

  1. […] Actually, although I mention Senate Bill S510 as being the idea behind my story, I believe I wrote Seed Savers prior to hearing about it.  I started writing Seed Savers in April of 2010, and most of the internet frenzy on the bill came out after that.  I think a friend told me about the bill after reading a draft of my story—it’s hard for me to remember exactly.  The inspiration for the book and the reason I wrote for children is covered in the blog titled “How It All Started”(May 2012). […]

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