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Fine Weather

With weather that is finally warm and dry, I’ve gotten much of my garden in during the last few days.  I put in the tomato plants I grew from seeds, more onions (these I started from seeds), put out the cabbage I started earlier, and planted seeds for two rows of corn.  I hope to get more in tomorrow.  The lettuce in containers is looking great, and we were able to have a salad made from it for Mother’s Day yesterday.  Today I also worked three hours in the Master Gardener garden, and met with a few other Master Gardeners at a junior high school to help plan a school/community garden.  It’s been a good day.  Now if I could find the energy to work on Seed Savers, book 2…

I started a book giveaway  for Seed Savers: Treasure (book 1) today on Goodreads.com that will run for the rest of the week.  Pop on over and enter to win!

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