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In Honor of Gardens

For the weekend, I’m posting a couple of poems in honor of gardens and gardeners.


Oregano will take over;

keep it in a pot,” whispered the insidious Mint.

“Sage advice,” agreed Rosemary, “though you’re one to talk.”

Basil threw in his two cents, “Parsley is very popular, and not in a hurry to seed off like

his cousin Cilantro.”

The gardener shook her head,

the wind in the herbs playing tricks

on her old ears.

“Too much Thyme on her hands,” someone snickered.

Backyard Meandering

I putter around the yard

between the carrots and the peas

talking to the animals

accusing the chickens

of being bored

and chastising the cat

for wanting to go back inside.

“Like children these days,” I scold.

And who are you, reader,

to say any different?

And finally. . .

Haiku for Spring

I sit.  I wait for

the sun.  Seeds planted in hope

summer’s bounty yield.

Maybe later I’ll add a photo of those whispering herbs.  In other news, three things: (1) Local bookstore,  Escape Fiction, is now carrying Seed Savers:Treasure, (2) I will have a table at the Salem Public Library author fair on June 23, (3) read this great review for Seed Savers here.

Happy weekend!

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