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First Day of Summer Garden Pics

I decided today to post some current photos of my backyard urban garden.   It was very cold yesterday (61F I think?), but I wanted to eat the big raspberry in the front, so decided to take all the photos, despite the gray sky:).    I don’t have a fancy camera, just an old Cannon Powershot A540 (yes, unfortunately the blueberry photo focused incorrectly).


Mmm.  The berries are all getting ripe at the same time.  We still eat fresh strawberries every morning for breakfast.  grapes

Next, is a picture showing the grapes growing on our fence. (The grapes really come from the neighbor’s yard :))

Here are some climbing nasturtiums next to a cucumber plant that will hopefully climb up the fence.

And the sad part is that I try to grow my whole garden under a bunch of trees from my neighbor’s yard (the neighbors mostly live in another city.)  There is a giant apple tree and  a lot of squirrel and nature-planted walnut, hazelnut, and maple trees that were not pulled out as seedlings. 😦  Basically just along the fence line.  It gets worse every year.

On a happier note, I’d like to end with a photo of a beautiful flower arrangement my friend gave me for my birthday!

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