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Have You Done It Yet?

Not everyone reading this has done it.  But most of you will, if you haven’t already.  And you know precisely when.  About three weeks ago I did it.  Deep breath.  Yes, I did it, I turned 50.

“So it went on, until his forties were running out, and his fiftieth birthday was drawing near: fifty was a number that he felt was somehow significant (or ominous); it was at any rate at that age that adventure had suddenly befallen Bilbo.” (Tolkien)

It used to seem like such a long time in the future– you know 2012–that year I would turn 50.  (Go ahead you young’ens, do the math, what year will you do it?)  If you’re as old as me, you remember when the classic future book 1984 was still in the future (the year I graduated from college.)  You remember partying like it was 1999.

I spent the years 1985 to 1988 living in China; when I came back, record albums had disappeared from stores.  I began to fall behind with the rapidly changing technology.  (I’m not even sure where the 90s went, but I think it had something to do with parenting babies and small children.)  Only in recent years have I begun to try to make a come-back.  I made these little trips into Best Buy, trying not to look too much like a tourist, but  beginning my conversations with the sales people with, “Hello, I’m from the 1980s….”

I still can’t get over how much it feels like I’m “living in the future.”  And so I guess, I am.

Today, all over the world, more of you are doing it.  Happy Birthday!  One of those people is a special friend of mine.  And so, I share with you a few pictures of what she left on my porch (somewhat anonymously) the day before my birthday.  Enjoy.  🙂

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