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Keeping the Children in Books for the Summer

As an author of middle grade books, I’m always on the lookout for sites that help get the word out about children’s books.  When my kids were younger, we brought home boatloads of books from the library on an almost weekly basis. The best way to find a book was to ask the librarian, or comb through the bookshelves (both still wonderful ways to find new books.)  Now with the internet, another great way exists to find out about books.  Today I’d like to mention a few such sites.

Middle Grade Fiction Finder is a site that focuses on ebooks for ages 8-12.  The books are grouped according to price ($1 and under, between $1 and $5, over $5) and category.  Categories include: adventure, school/family/friends, detective, espionage, fantasy, historical, mystery, and paranormal.  There are also more age suitability breakdowns.  All books on this site have been reviewed.

Kindle for Kids is another site focusing on ebooks for the middle grades.  The ages listed here are 6-13.  This site doesn’t have reviews for every book, but lists books for the appropriate ages along with the book covers, blurbs, and links to the author’s website and places to purchase the books.  Categories for kindle-for-kids include: adventure, animals, fantasy, ghosts/horror, humor, and sci-fi.

This Kid Reviews Books is one of my favorite sites because “this kid” is Erik,  a ten-year-old kid who reviews books for kids of all ages.  There is no focus on ebooks here–all books are fair game if they are for kids.  His “card catalog” includes these age divisions: 1-5, 6-9, 9+, and 12+.  Also included are a list of his favorites, book/movie comparisons, and more.  Check it out :).

Bookworm Blather by Michelle Isenhoff is another website that covers all ages of children, ebooks and traditional, classics and self-published.  She reads and reviews a lot of books (and is also an author with her own books) and this site is substantial.

Okay, that’s it for today.  I hope this has been helpful.

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