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The Very Late, I’m So Sorry, Promised Sequel to Why We Love It Here

Yes, this is the overdue sequel to Why We Love It Here–a few shots from camping at a place called Alsea Falls Campground in northwestern Oregon.  It was our first time there, and just my husband and me in our tiny teardrop trailer.  It was hot at home and cold at the coast and this place was right in between, with the perfect temperature to be comfortable and also to swim.  We were there on a Monday night, so had most of the campground to ourselves.  I always tell people that we prefer a campground with water (to drink and to swim in), and we can do vault toilets just fine–no need for flush or mirrors or showers.  Mainly, we like our space and the ability to listen to nature.

We had plenty of space.  The trees were magnificent and when the wind blew, they swayed back and forth and whispered to us and each other in their various languages.

It was also delightful listening to the birds and watching the chipmunks.  Insects were minimal.  And camp eating is always fun. 🙂

Single portion white wine with canned dolmas.

A perfect pancake.

Gotta love the hanging greenery.

The falls of Alsea Falls.

Always in search of a swimming hole.

Wild tiger lilies.

Happy camping!

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