Book Update Seed Savers

Although book 2, Lily, was scheduled for release in August, due to the fact that the covers for the series are getting a makeover, there will be a slight delay in its release.  I’m very excited about the new covers, but it is a busy time of year and I’m not sure when they will be ready. I will certainly let everyone know when the date draws nearer.

Until then, remember that Seed Savers: Treasure  is still available with the original cover in paperback, Kindle, or on order through your local bookstore.


4 comments on “Book Update Seed Savers

  1. Uh-oh. I see a typo…

  2. Thanks, Tracy. How about now? Blame it on the fact that I’m not feeling good…?

  3. Yes, dear sister, of course that is what I meant. Indeed, I am feeling quite good, but not very well. But I hadn’t done my weekly blog, so felt the need to at least post a little. Lesson learned.
    When you first said you saw a typo, I found “it’s” instead of “its.” Honestly, with my eyesight, I did not see the quote marks. As it turned out there was a quote AND an apostrophe. Anybody see anymore?? 🙂

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