Five Firsts

You’re never too old to do something for the first time.  Here are five things I’ve done for the first time this year:

1) Traveled to San Diego and back by car.  It gave me a new appreciation of California.

Mission San Juan Capistrano–an unplanned stop


2). Petted a dolphin!  (They are so soft and squishy. :))



3) Had my picture taken with a Burmese Python (just a few days ago.)

I forget the python’s name, but the guy is my husband, Cy. 🙂


4) Started a website and blog (not an easy thing for someone whose favorite decade was the 1980s).


5) Published a novel.  You know you want to.  Go ahead and do it!  (I meant, of course, write a novel; but if that’s not your style, go ahead and read mine. :))


What’s something you’ve done for the first time this year?

2 comments on “Five Firsts

  1. I went to the Grand Canyon (it was grand), went rock climbing (it was steep), and flew in a 4-passenger plane over my house (it was cool)!

  2. Nice. I haven’t done any of those things yet! But I have gone on a hot air balloon ride.

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