Review out on Book 2 of the Seed Savers Series! (Seed Savers: Lily)

Anakalian Whims

Well, it felt like a long time, because I was so anxious for it.  In reality, Smith is quite the efficient authoress.

Title: Seed Savers Volume 2 “Lily”

Author: S. Smith

I read the first installment of Seed Savers early this last summer. I loved it. I was so excited to find a new “undiscovered” young adult author and immediately blogged about it.  Illegal gardening, fresh produce, dystopian society, kids on the run… how much more exciting could it possibly get? Way more, that’s how much.

With the arrival of Lily, I expected to get “the further adventures of Clare and Dante,” but what I got was much more.  Lily, a side character in the first book, Treasure, tries to continue the mission of saving seeds in her hometown after the disappearance of Clare and Dante.  Rather than getting “Treasure” all over again, a common fault in sequels in general, Lily…

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  1. Yay! We just finished the first book today. The timing is perfect!

  2. If only book 3 were just around the corner…:)

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