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English: Winter scene taken at in Bulgaria. Fr...

English: Winter scene taken at in Bulgaria. Français : Scènes d’hiver. Col de Shipka, Bulgarie. Български: Зимен пейзаж от проход Шипка, България (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are so many things to blog about this fine December morning. There is the woe is me, my coffee maker stopped working unexpectedly tirade. There’s the annual trek to find the perfect tree: it must be tall enough, smell wonderful, have just the perfect spacing between limbs, and of course not have a crooked top (we found it!!!!). The post, or even poem about the wonderful winter birds feeding and flitting outside the kitchen window. There’s the one about how my daughter will soon be coming home from college and how I’d better get all my stuff moved out of her room pronto. There’s “Happy Birthday, little sister!!” Then there are the ones that could be used any time, fine December morning or not. Those little pieces of memories, like the errant not-quite-burned fleck of paper rising out of the burn pile, drifting up and away, those little memories from my distant past that have surfaced for one reason or another this week, reminding me of a life I once lived far, far from here in time and space.

But, unfortunately, all of those ideas will have to wait. Because WE INTERRUPT THIS BLOG  to ask,

HAVE YOU FOUND A GIFT FOR EVERYONE ON YOUR LIST? If not, how about a book? 🙂 I happen to know of a wonderful little book, good for children and adults alike. It’s a small book, so not too heavy to cart around, or hold up in bed. It’s a book with a little adventure and likable characters.

I refer to it as “Middle Grade,” although there are middle-aged women who tell me it is not just for kids, that they think plenty of adults would enjoy it. Children in the elementary grades also are eating up the book series, always asking for more.

Some people call the book dystopian, but my dictionary says that dystopian is an imagined place or state in which everything is unpleasant or bad, and the future place is my book is similar to now,  with only a few things different, and it’s arguable as to whether it’s unpleasant or bad.

Well, anyway, if you are still looking for a little something for someone in your life this holiday season, consider Seed Savers: Treasure and Seed Savers: Lily. They are only $9.99 and available online or through your local bookstore. If you move fast, you can even request a signed copy from me. For more description and reviews, go here. To contact me about a book or questions, email authorssmith@gmail.com.

Oh, and for the month of December, the Kindle versions are on sale for $2.99. Over at Goodreads, Lily is currently on a Giveaway. There is a little excerpt of Lily here.

Well now, that was quite the interruption. Next time, we will get back to your regularly scheduled programming… 🙂

Thanks for your patience.

2 comments on “We Interrupt This Blog

  1. Ah, the joy of writing countered by the requirement of self-promotion. You did it graciously and we’re enjoying Lily very much – thanks!

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