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Write A Letter, Part 2 (Or Where has all the stationery gone?)

A hand-colored Mulready envelope

A hand-colored Mulready envelope (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yes, you. Write a letter (pen on paper; maybe even cursive if you know how). People will love you for it. Really. I got an email from someone recently who noted, “It was good to get a handwritten letter from someone.”

What’s funny is I don’t think I sent much of a letter; I was sending a check, and because the receiver was a relative, I jotted down a bit else of what was happening with our family.

I’ll admit, I rarely write letters anymore. Mostly at Christmas time, and then more often than not, I send a blanket newsletter–although I usually add a few extra personal handwritten lines at the end.

BUT, I am a letter writer from way back. I was a child when I started writing letters—nine, ten years old maybe. I wrote to my school friends when they moved, to an older cousin who lived far away. When I went away to college I wrote my parents, my grandma, my great-aunts, people from  church. In the 1980s when I lived in China, handwritten letters were my lifeline to family and friends so very far away.

I loved stationery and pretty stamps. I was a big spender when it came to a stationery catalogue company to which I subscribed; a collector of anything new and different or that tickled my fancy. I especially liked if the matching envelopes were particularly wonderful—sometimes transparent, other times just amazingly cute. One time I got some cards which  included beautiful little black and white guinea feathers. My cache of cards and stationery lasted decades (not because I didn’t use it, but because I ordered so much on a regular basis.)

But now it’s gone. And guess what? I cannot find stationery anywhere. I have visited most of the big stores in my area–some of which have entire aisles labeled “stationery.”

But what do I find there? Blank notecards, narrow to-do list pads, thank you notes, empty journaling books, decorated printer-sized paper. It’s not what I want!  I do not want printer paper and to-do lists. I want stationary, maybe 5 ¾ by 7 ½ or 6 ¼ by 8 ½. Simple but cute stationery with sweet matching envelopes.

After coming up empty in the major stores, I’ve started scouring thrift stores. What have I found? Notecards, blank books, decorated printer-sized paper.

How will we save the post office if we can’t even find stationery? Yes, I know, there’s always lined notebook paper—but that’s so school!  And blank cards? So limited!!

Give me back my stationery.

The hunt continues.

In the meantime, write someone a letter. I know you can do it.


S. Smith is the author of the awesome middle grade series, Seed Savers. Visit her Pinterest and Facebook pages.

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