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Questions in the Car (or The Long Trip Home)


Are bricks more expensive than concrete?

Why do people keep mules?

Why are there so many buildings around here that are falling down?

What if the jungle contains a virus that would kill the entire human race and we go down and log off the Amazon and release it? It would serve us right.

You know, the name Uther is pretty awful.

Isn’t having a female form of a word–such as hero/heroine kind of sexist?

Freeways are horrible. People can’t have cats…Freeways are animal barriers. That’s what they are, animal barriers.

This was some of what came out of the backseat on Monday as we drove from Tacoma to Salem. No, my son is not nine; he’s seventeen. Trying to decide which college to go away to in the fall. I will miss him. So much.

Aileen Smith Photography

Aileen Smith Photography

S. Smith is the author of the awesome middle grade series, Seed Savers. Visit her Pinterestand Facebook pages.


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