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Garden Talk


This was the gift people could sign up to win. (Wagon not included.)

On Saturday I spent six hours sitting behind a table advertising myself as an author. It was Earth Day at the Oregon Garden, and since my book is about seeds, gardens, and knowing what food is and where it comes from, I thought it was an appropriate venue. Here’s the funny part: many people didn’t look at the books long enough to realize they were fictional books set in a future where gardening is illegal. Or that the main characters are a couple of twelve-year-olds on a quest to learn about real food, how to grow it, and where they can go to find a place where it isn’t against the law…


And so, I sat and talked garden problems with folks. When they asked about heirloom seeds or the difference between hybrid and genetically modified, I happily answered. One woman wanted to know where she could buy seeds that would grow smaller vegetables (such as a smaller head of cabbage); believe it or not, I answered that, too. Another person wanted to buy the dill seeds I had on display. Some people walked away never really understanding that my books were fiction. Others were visibly embarrassed when they discovered the truth;I tried to console them. After all, I did have to know about gardening and seeds to write the book. I enjoyed talking to them and was kind of impressed with myself at being able to furnish them with the information they sought.

The fact is, I am a seed saver. I do not belong to the Seed Savers Exchange, but I do save seeds for my local Food Share. We are growing out and saving seeds to create a local seed bank. I have been meaning for months to blog about it, but just never get around to it. Last year I grew out orange tomatoes and early jalapenos. This year I’ll do lettuce, maybe quinoa. Maybe I’ll post more about it later, but today I’m in a hurry to get back to work on book 3, Heirloom. And after a lot of cold days, the forecast for today and the next three days is for the mid-seventies…so I need to get OUTSIDE. I haven’t yet sown the lettuce for the Food Share.

A big thanks to those of you who have been encouraging and helping me with the promotion of Seed Savers. May your gardens prosper.

Some of the friendly faces completing the "parts of plant" worksheet.

Some of the friendly faces completing the “parts of plant” worksheet.

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