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Dreams of our Youth


R2D2 (Photo credit: Mark Loveridge)

I visited with a high school friend of mine this past weekend. We were in Drama together. We used to joke (and dream) about being big Hollywood stars someday. She would be in a future Rocky movie (at that time, Rocky 2 was just out) and I wanted to be an evil female lead in a future Star Wars movie (the second movie wasn’t yet released). Neither of us knew at that time how many sequels both of those movies would eventually spawn; we just loved the originals.

Fast-forward to 2013. Friend is now happily dating a computer technician named Rocky. My shot of Star Wars is publishing fictional tales making Big Ag the bad guy. Hmm. What would our seventeen-year-old glamour-eyed selves think of us now? Okay, so maybe they’d think we are pretty lame. But what did they know, anyway? Some of our biggest concerns back then were what to wear to school each day and what we could do to lose weight.

Computer technician? In the 1970s people didn’t own computers.

GMO food? Unheard of. Didn’t even hit the grocery store shelves until nearly 15 years later.

So you see, our seventeen-year-old selves didn’t stand much of a chance at imagining our future at age 50, did they? But it’s good.

We are both very happy with where we are right now. She’s starring with Rocky, and I’m still chasing the stars. 🙂


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