Cover Reveal — Seed Savers: Heirloom

I’m so excited to finally share the cover for my new book, Heirloom–book three in the Seed Savers Series!

Cover Design by Aileen Smith

Cover Design by Aileen Smith

After escaping to Canada, Clare and Dante enjoy life on a farm and learn the shocking history of how gardening became illegal in the United States.

Their friend Lily continues the quest to find her father, a former leader in the Seed Savers movement who was arrested and jailed before she was born. Along her journey she meets a host of interesting characters, and more surprisingly, herself.


RELEASE DATE: 11-12-13 at Amazon.com


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3 comments on “Cover Reveal — Seed Savers: Heirloom

  1. Sounds interesting. Will check it out, starting at book 1. Love the cover! It’s gorgeous. The colours and the waterpaint style, just beautiful.

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