Coming to a State Near You


gmo (Photo credit: decorat)

In the year 2000, a mother heard a radio spot about genetically modified organisms. She then wanted to find a baby formula that was gmo free.  She discovered this to be a difficult task without gmo listing on the label. In 2002, she got Oregon initiative 27 on the ballot–the first ballot measure in the country to require labeling of gmo food. It was defeated 73% to 27%.

Opponents spent a whopping $5.5 million to defeat it.

Fast forward to today, one state to the north: Opponents are at $22 million. Twenty-two million dollars. You really need to be asking yourself WHY, right about now.

Last year $46 million was spent in California to defeat proposition 37.

I think there is more to the picture than just the label here. What are the opponents afraid of? Don’t think they really care if it “costs the consumer” more. When was the last time a corporation was worrying about your financial situation?

Sigh. I know this post is too late and probably wouldn’t have made a difference. Because I don’t have a big wad of cash to hire earnest-looking people to stand outside Washingtonians’ doors morning, noon, and night chanting “No, No, No.”

The silver lining? The fact that they are spending more means that they are afraid the public is waking up.

This initiative is coming to a state near you soon…be prepared.


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2 comments on “Coming to a State Near You

  1. Today I saw 2 “yes on 522” signs!

    • Very good. I sure hope you guys can pull it off. I mean, who would have thought Washington would legalize marijuana, so I guess there’s hope. I haven’t seen the recent poll numbers…

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