The Dedication Page (for Garrett)


I don’t know if I can do it
but I promise I’ll try
And hope your mom forgives me
for making her cry.

Today is your birthday
but you are not here
So we’ll remember you fondly
with memories dear.

When you were a toddler
we never understood
What it meant, or why
the only thing you said was “noods.”

As you grew older
so did your sharp tongue
But we always loved you
though your words sometimes stung.

There are things I wish
I had said to you
But your prickly nature
made it hard to get through.

You were so smart
your smile so bright
When it wasn’t hidden
in your dark teenage night.

We miss you today
and we’ll miss you tomorrow
But we are grateful for God’s comfort
in our sorrow.

Someday we will see you —
there’ll be an end to the grief
Until then we’ll remember you well
and know that death is a thief.

Garrett, you shouldn’t have gone away.
We all loved you and love you still.

Aunt Sandy


7 comments on “The Dedication Page (for Garrett)

  1. I found an error…Gods’s

    Hope that makes you laugh

  2. Thanks, ‘Aunt Sandy.’ I read this to the family tonight as we gathered to eat pepperoni pizza for Garrett’s birthday. Your words are precious to us. Much love.

  3. I especially like the phrases “dark teenage night,” “death is a thief,” and the couplet at the end.

  4. Reblogged this on Author S. Smith and commented:

    On your birthday…

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