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Why Jeff Bezos is My Hero

It has nothing to do with drones delivering books to my doorstep. I’m still thrilled with the UPS trucks. In September (yes, before the whole drone business) I actually posted a youtube link to my son about Bezos’s “Regret Minimization Framework.” I have no idea if he ever watched it or if he knows who Jeff Bezos is. My kids still think I’m weird.

So when I saw Bezos on 60 Minutes last night, I stopped what I was doing to find out what he was up to. You see, I’ve never forgotten the first time I saw Bezos on 60 minutes back in 1999. (In a piece titled “Nerd of the Amazon”).

I always remembered three things from that interview:

1) his regret minimization framework

2) the crack Bob Simon made about Bezos’s car in light of his net worth

3) that crazy laugh.

Although Bezos seems a little less light-hearted now, I still find him down-to-earth. Maybe I just like his philosophy. Like I said, I never forgot the idea of living your life now in a way that will minimize your regrets in the future. I’m not saying I’m very good at it. To the contrary, it seems I have a predisposition toward regret. And I think that’s why I love the idea and wish I had heard of it prior to 1999. Ah well, see there I go again …

In last night’s interview I liked the way Bezos nonchalantly shared that in the early days of Amazon one of his “visualizations of success” was to visualize that some day Amazon would be big enough that they could afford a forklift. I like the idea of visualizing success in very specific ways.

Most of us would call it “daydreaming,” but for Bezos it is “visualizing success.”


My husband’s stacking

I loved his efficiency in stacking. My husband is a stacker and it drives me insane. He is NOT an efficient stacker.

In response to Charlie Rose’s question about the power of Amazon and whether or not they were being ruthless with their power and ability to handle a small profit margin, whether they were driving small businesses and small book publishers out of business, Bezos said people complain about that, but “complaining is not a strategy.” “Amazon is not happening to bookselling,” he said, “the future is happening to bookselling.”

Obviously the delivery of Amazon products by drones has made the biggest splash in the headlines (you must go here for a fun take on that), but it was also news to me about “Amazon Fresh” delivering groceries to people and “Amazon Fashion.” Wow.

Yes, sometimes like you I worry about Amazon taking over the world. But really, there are a lot worse things to worry about than Amazon, don’t you think?

For now, I need to double down on the RMF and try Bezos’s visualization technique. Right now I am visualizing a time when I have so many reviews for my book on Amazon that I won’t have time to read them all. I’m visualizing boxes of Seed Savers being shipped all over the world … 🙂

Mr. Bezos, if you’re listening, I’m visualizing my book as a Kindle Daily Deal, Kindle Daily Deal, Kindle Daily Deal … 🙂


Your thoughts? I’d love to hear from you.

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