Charlie Brown’s 9 Tips for the New Year

(first published in 2014, but edited for this year :))

Snoopy pompiere

Snoopy pompiere (Photo credit: Gianfranco Goria)

1. Keep the ball low.

2. Don’t leave your crayons in the sun.

3. Use dental floss every day.

4. Don’t spill the shoe polish.

5. Always knock before entering.

6. Don’t let the ants get in the sugar.

7. Never volunteer to be a program chairman.

8. Always get your first serve in.

9. Feed your dog whenever he’s hungry.

(from Happy New Year, Charlie Brown, 1986 TV short)

Good advice, indeed! Happy 2020 everyone!


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2 comments on “Charlie Brown’s 9 Tips for the New Year

  1. Dogs are always hungry–it’s going to get fat!

    • I was thinking the same thing. At the end, Peppermint Patty asks, “Will those rules give me a better life, Chuck?”
      To which he replies, “The better life, and a fat dog.”

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