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New Scenes in Heirloom 2nd Edition


As promised, here are the additional scenes in the 2nd edition of Heirloom:


The old woman was having trouble sleeping. Guilt pierced and pricked her as she lay in bed. Three children missing. Three children she had secretly been teaching about seeds and gardening. There was no way around it. It was her fault. She should have known GRIM was still watching. It wasn’t safe.

At least Clare and Dante had made it to Canada. That much she knew. But it didn’t change the fact that every time she saw their mother the lines on Mrs. James’s face were cut deeper, sadness all but dripping off of her. Alone too early, missing her babies.

Or the fact that it might not have ended as well as it did. If you could call it an ending. Clare and Dante were safe in Canada, but what next? Ana felt she should reveal herself to Mrs. James yet at the same time was afraid of making things worse.

And now Lily was out there, too. Alone and who-knows-where, trying to find her father. All the while with GRIM and that wicked Trinia Nelson still nosing around. The note Lily left said only that she intended to find him and thanked Ana for telling her what her mother never had—that her father was still alive. That he had been a famous leader in the dissident Seed Savers Movement.

The aged woman sighed. What good was being old if she had learned nothing about indiscretions?

“Dear God,” she prayed, tired and beginning to wonder if anyone was really there, “save the children.”


Scene #1

(Added to the beginning of the former chapter 37)

“What are you doing here?” Her voice was pleasant and a comfortable smile lit her face.

“Nice to see you, too,” Jason joked. For some reason he enjoyed teasing Clare even though he had never had a younger sister. “Just checkin’ the place out. Making sure the Guardians know what they’re doing.”

She nodded her head slowly. “Oh, I get it. That’s why I’ve never seen you out here before. Your family had a greenhouse. You already know all this stuff.” After she had said it, she worried maybe she’d made him feel bad–reminding him of his family and everything. He didn’t seem to mind.

“Yeah, I pretty much know about growing veggies. I’m here to fill in around the edges.”

Clare stood over a flat of tomato seedlings. White plastic markers declared names like Anna Russian and Black Crimson. For the most part the different varieties looked similar at this early stage, but even now some stood out such as Silvery Fir Tree with its thin leaves. A few plants looked sickly and deformed.

“What happened to these,” Clare asked, flipping up the leaves of the struggling plants.

“Probably nothing.” Jason shrugged. “Just bad seeds. Sometimes you get a bad seed. It happens.”

“Hmm. A bad seed.”

“You just toss the bad ones,” he said.

She looked at the runt plant. Toss it? She wasn’t sure she could do that. The seed had sprouted, after all. It’s not like it was a totally failed seed. Maybe with enough tender care she could nurse it to good health.

“So where’s kid brother today?”

“He had a field trip with his class,” she said. “Lucky. It’s such nice weather.”

“Yeah, no kidding. Need any help here?”

“There’s really not that much to do any more. I think we are all just waiting for it to be warm and dry enough to move everything outside.”

“All right then, see ya around.”


She turned back to the tray of seedlings and spoke quietly to the deformed plant. “It’s okay, little guy. I’ll take care of you.”


Scene #2

(Added to the beginning of the former chapter 39)

“Was that Professor Cassidy?” Clare asked.

“Yeah, it was.”

She looked around the empty Monitor room.

“What were you doing?”

Jason stared at her for a moment without speaking. The harsh look that made him look older than his seventeen years.

“He was showing me how to do something.”

“Like what?” she asked. “Something about compost?”

“No, Clare. Not about compost.”

She wasn’t sure if there was a hint of condescension in his voice or not. Perhaps resignation?

“Then, what?”

“Professor Cassidy is more than just a soil guru. He’s also a genius with the Monitor.”

She could tell he wanted to say more, the way he looked so hard at her, enunciating each word. Some secret he kept wrapped up like a fragile keepsake.

“Oh,” she said. “I didn’t know that.”

“Clare? Clare? Where are you? Oh—there you are. Who you talkin’ to?”

Dante ran down the hall toward where she stood in the doorway. He peeked inside. “Oh, hi, Jason.”

“Hi ya, Sprout.”

He smiled at the nickname.

“Guess I’d better go,” Clare said.

“Sure, Clare,” Jason answered quietly. “Whatever.”


Besides the prologue and these scenes, I have also added a short glossary of a few terms at the very beginning, and the blueberry pruning scene has been modified slightly. I am including those changes below; other than that and a few deleted paragraphs, merged chapters, and some chapters switching order, it’s the same! I’m basically posting this for those of you with the first edition Heirloom so that you don’t feel like you have missed anything.


(Changed blueberry scene)

“What? No. I mean, I sorta drifted off during the instructions.”

“Well, let’s see,” he wrapped the blades around a dead-looking cane, “dead, damaged, or diseased first.” He cut out three canes.

“Hmm. Pencil-sized whips?” Clare suggested.

“Sure.” He snipped off the stragglers. “Now what?”

“Well…” She leaned in, touched a long cane that crossed through the middle of the plant. “How about this one? Didn’t she say something about keeping the middle open?”

Snip. Jason cut it off and ripped it from the bush.

“Oh, I was only asking,” Clare gasped, surprised at his sudden action.

“No, you were right. What else?”

“Um, how about these? They look like older wood,” she said, touching a couple of more canes.

Snip, snip. “Done.” He went at it quickly, without hesitation or second-guessing.

“Have you done this before?” she asked.

“Nope. What next, boss?”

She stared at the mass of branches jutting out from the bush. It was so confusing.

“Come on, Clare. Don’t worry so much about it. Live a little.

When she hesitated, he whacked off several more branches, then broke off some spindly growth with his gloved hand. He leaned back to admire his handiwork. “I think that’s good,” he said. “You wanna do the next one?”

“Um …”

“You can do it. And I’m here, too. Team-work.”

“Clare placed the blades around a sad-looking cane, fairly certain about the first cut but checking with Jason to be sure. He rolled his eyes. She cut the cane and pulled it gingerly out of the plant. Her hand ran into someone’s thigh.

“Oh! I didn’t know you were there,” she said. “Excuse me.” Genevieve stood behind her, watching. “Was that right?”

“Yes, nice job. Carry on, youngsters.”


Happy Valentine’s Day! (And Oregon’s birthday :))

(Don’t forget, for three more days Heirloom is only 99cents!)

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