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Read An Ebook! (And other news…)

The Rooted in Food Fair in Silverton was great. It’s only the third year they have been doing it and I think it’s just going to get bigger and better as time goes on. I met a lot of nice people and signed and sold some books. I also got invited to another “seed” event for next week, so I’ll be going to that one also.

I am still hoping to travel to the Denver area in April and possibly Santa Fe and then to the Houston area in Texas. If anybody along that very non-specific trail I just mentioned has ideas for schools, events, or bookstores where I could stop, do let me know! I hope to add a “Teacher/School” page to this website soon. It’s been on my agenda for about a year now…so much to do 🙂

If you spend much time online I’m sure you’ve seen by now that today marks the beginning of Read An Ebook Week.


I couldn’t find the exact year of the first “REAW,” but the year 2004 came up. The founder is Rita Toews. Of course, the event grows every year, with more and more people owning tablets and reading digitally. Reading digitally tends to strain my eyes, but there are benefits. I especially like using my tablet for reading on trips so that I don’t have to carry lots of books. I also like that I can make the words bigger at the end of the day when my eyes tend not to focus as well.

This week I have put book one of my Seed Savers series on sale at 75% off for REAW. The series is about a future when gardening is illegal and all food is processed. The books are targeted to older children but many adults also find them  enjoyable. Take a look at the reviews here or on their Amazon pages and if you are interested, grab the first one while it’s on sale!

Link to Treasure (Seed Savers, 1) on Amazon

Link to Smashwords (for other e-book formats) use the code REW75 

treasure thumbnail 2

S. Smith is the author of the awesome and award-winning middle grade series, Seed Savers. Visit her Facebook and Pinterest pages. Follow her on Twitter. Sign up for the newsletter!



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