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And The Tour Goes On


This is a quick update on my Texas Earth Day Tour for the Seed Savers Series.

The week in Houston was fun, best of all was meeting my “biggest fan in Texas,” Andi and her family and taking a walk through her urban woods. She told us all about the grapes, berries, and other food that she forages for her family.

I also met a  lot of nice people at the bookstores there, and had some great conversations. But the tour continues.

After a most non-traditional Easter away from family and friends, my husband and I are now in San Antonio for a brief but busy visit. Last night we got to play tourist down at the Riverwalk, and today I’ll be at the Broadway Half Price Books from 12-3:00. What I’ve seen of San Antonio so far is very pretty, and being from Oregon, it’s interesting to see all of the cactus type plants. It seems like there are more birds here, too, and it is definitely hard to remember that it is only April with such warm weather!

Tomorrow is Earth Day and I’ll be at three stores, back to back! Please check the schedule on my events page, and if you are in the area, do come and see me!

For pictures from the tour so far, check out this album. Oh, and book 3, Heirloom, is still on Goodreads Giveaway.


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