Texas Earth Day Tour Recap


It wasn’t a blog tour, it was a real tour. We left on April 9 and returned–on schedule–May 1. A rental car we wished we could keep carried us safely through Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and Nevada as we attended the wedding of a niece and appeared in bookstores and schools in Texas. I met great folks in fifteen bookstores in Houston, San Antonio, Austin, and Dallas. I wrote with students at Claughton Middle School in the Spring district (Houston area) and watched in awe the presentation of projects made by students in response to an assignment after the class read  Seed Savers:Treasure at Austin Jewish Academy. I am so sorry that many of the photos from that visit did not come out for one reason or another…

I met for the first time my biggest fan in Texas and had dinner with a friend I knew thirty years ago on a summer mission to Japan. My husband and I enjoyed an evening on the famous Riverwalk of San Antonio and took in a quick jaunt at the Grand Canyon and a stop at Petroglyph National Monument in New Mexico on the drive back. DSC00776

We listened to three entire books on tape, pieces of three more, and countless Garrison Keillor stories. We played John Denver through Colorado, and Springsteen crowed about his Oklahoma home being blowed away as we drove through the dust of northern Texas where I imagined some of the dust was, indeed, pieces of Oklahoma. We narrowly missed snowstorms, tornadoes, and golf-ball sized hail. The traffic was mostly always in our favor. (Except for Austin, where apparently the traffic is never in anyone’s favor.)

It was a trip to be remembered and I am grateful for the opportunity. My husband, Cy, drove in all the big cities and did a majority of the overall driving. Andi, my biggest Texas fan, accompanied us to all of the stores in Houston, took pictures, and even baked cupcakes! Diana in San Antonio was  a great help. Mary provided a wonderful place for us to recoup in Dallas before our long drive home. Thanks to you all and many more.

DSC00758I have started getting photos from the trip up on my Author Facebook Page. Sadly, I do not have a smartphone, or even a reasonably intelligent camera, so it has been a struggle. And I’ll admit, I don’t know all the ins and outs of moving things from here to there either.  I also realize  that not everyone participates in Facebook, so I have added a page here at the website with some of the photos.

There will be a lot going on in May, and I’ll be putting it out in my May newsletter (email) within the next couple of weeks. If you haven’t signed up yet, here is the link.

Remember, I love to hear from you! Drop me a line anytime at authorssmith@gmail.com or leave a comment. 🙂


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5 comments on “Texas Earth Day Tour Recap

  1. Nice recap. Especially like hearing about what you listened to while driving.

    • Funny you should mention that. I deliberated on whether to write down more specifics, such as, I enjoyed Anne of the Island, but suspect I missed several chapters from Anne of Avonlea. That “Murder She Meowed” did not live up to it’s title and was discarded somewhere in Wyoming. Or how much we both enjoyed listening to every word of Tuesdays With Morrie, even though I have already read the book and seen the movie. Or about the ones we didn’t get to: Dave Barry, NPRs Funniest Driveway Moments, the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, and Anna Karenina!

  2. I’d like to hear about the students’ projects.

    • And, yes, here sadly is where the cameras failed me. The projects and the kids where great! They had several choices such as build the GRIM headquarters or the Seed Savers secret meeting house. Or plot out the places the children traveled on their journey. Many people liked making the secret hideaway or the GRIM headquarters. There will be some photos going up later and I think we have quite a bit on video.

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