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Ultimate Food Police Imagined in Speculative YA Series

SALEM, Ore. May 10, 2014—Would you still garden if it were illegal? That is the question confronted in Smith’s futuristic series, Seed Savers. Seed Savers envisions a day when corporate agriculture and the government have merged into one controlling agency—GRIM. Gardening and seed ownership are illegal, the population eats an ultra-processed version of food, internet access is limited, and Big Brother is always watching.

Smith—gardener, seed saver, and teacher—set out to write an enjoyable book that could be used in gardening classes and clubs. Raised on a family farm just east of Salem, Smith still grows much of her own food. “Seed Savers is a love story starring homegrown food … politics obviously comes into the book series, but it’s much more than that,” she said. When asked if the novels have a message, Smith said, “… the main message is that kids (and grown-ups) can make a difference in their world.”  

Smith has sold her books at various events in Silverton and Salem and recently returned home from a book signing tour in Texas. Why Texas? “I have a fan base there. I’m not sure why, but I do. There is a book blogger in the Houston area who invited me down two years ago, and I also became aware of a small private school in Austin where a fifth grade class was using my first book in a sustainability unit. The time seemed right. It was a fantastic trip.” Smith visited fifteen bookstores in Houston, Austin, San Antonio, and Dallas, and spoke at two schools.

Heirloom, the most recent book in the five book series, was listed in the March issue of San Francisco Kids Book Review and was given a four star rating in the Portland Book Review. The Portland Book Review said of Heirloom: “The concept of gardening being an illegal activity in this country is an interesting one, particularly in light of the growing use of processed and genetically modified foods in our diet. The concept becomes even more intriguing when a powerful company begins to systematically eliminate real food from the palates of American citizens… The characters are well developed and will be endearing to readers… Heirloom is a satisfying dystopian novel that younger fans of sci-fi will enjoy.”

Smith is a former ESL teacher in the Salem-Keizer school district and currently grows out and saves seeds for the Marion-Polk Seed Share. 

Seed Savers, a series of five, can be ordered through bookstores, from the author, or online, and is available digitally and in paperback. The first three titles are Treasure, Lily, and Heirloom, with two more in the works. For more information visit http://authorssmith.com or write Smith at authorssmith@gmail.com.

Cover Design by Aileen Smith

Cover Design by Aileen Smith


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