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Back to School Means Author Visits

As an author of middle grade and YA books I have the pleasure not only of doing signings at book stores, but also of conducting author visits in schools. I love doing author visits and hope this year to incorporate more into my schedule. Read an earlier post of why I love school visits here.


Usually I am asked to speak about the writing process, but I am also available to discuss themes of gardening and sustainability which are some of the important topics in the Seed Savers series.

Here’s the afterglow: The teachers are happy for the students to hear from an author that it is important to REWRITE, EDIT, and POLISH their writing. The students, oftentimes, have never met an author. They feel important when an author visits them and their school. They become inspired to read and write. The author feels the love. Sometimes the teachers send thank you notes and bags full of little notes from the students.

And now for the kids at Claggett Creek Middle School in Salem in regard to my June visit : Thank you for the lovely notes! You were all so articulate and your notes were very well-written. I promised to answer questions that didn’t get answered that day in class, so here goes. (And yes, I will always remember the questioner who asked what my favorite kind of pie was. And as for the girl who requested I use her name in one of my books, your wish has been granted. For Lily B., I have written an entire post in response to you. Watch for it.)

Q: Do people ever ask out of the blue, ‘Are you Sandy Smith?’?

A: Once or twice people have asked if I was the author of Seed Savers, yes.

Q: How did you feel when you finished writing your first book?

A: It was a great feeling–a feeling of accomplishment and of doing something that I had often talked about.

Q: Have you ever met any other authors that we might know?

A: I went to an author talk by Colleen Houck of the Tiger’s Curse series. She lives here in Salem/Keizer.

Q: Are you going to write more of your series?

A: Yes, I plan on having five books in the Seed Savers series.

Q: How does it feel to be famous?

A: :)


And here are snippets from the many notes I received:

“Thank you for answering all of our questions that we were bursting out to ask.”

I’ve always wanted to be a writer and you’re the first one I’ve met in person.”

“I think that because you wrote the “Seed Savers” … it will make a difference in or for the future.”

Today I learned tips I can use as an author. One thing that I will remember is ways to use things I enjoy as inspiration in writing.”

P.S. The one in the blue-striped shirt.”

“At first I didn’t like to read books but I got even more inspired to read and to read your books.”

“I love to read and write and your writing books inspires me to write more. I have a start of a story I personally can’t wait to finish.”

“I hope you come back again.”

I hope so, too. 🙂

S. Smith is the author of the awesome and award-winning middle grade series, Seed SaversVisit her Facebook and Pinterest pages. Follow her on TwitterSign up for the newsletter

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