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Read Across America Day — Go Indie!


For Dr. Seuss Day, why not try some Indie books? Below are five suggestions with links to their Amazon pages where you can read all about them! These books are listed primarily as middle grade (grades 6-8).

1. Treasure (Seed Savers) by S. Smith — speculative fiction, garden theme

2. The Candle Star (Divided Decade Trilogy) by Michelle Isenhoff — historical fiction, civil war

3. Trouble Blows West (A Ginnie West Adventure) by Monique Bucheger — contemporary, social issues

4. The King’s Ransom (Young Knights of the Round Table) by Cheryl Carpinello — medieval

5. The Princelings of the East (Princelings) by Jemima Pett — fantasy

Have a nice day and don’t forget to share a book with someone!


One comment on “Read Across America Day — Go Indie!

  1. Woot! Thanks for the mention, Sandy. Hope Read Across America goes/went well!

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