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Road Trip Snippets (A Year Late)

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A year ago I was in the middle of my Earth Day book tour where I visited fifteen bookstores and two schools in the big state of Texas. Before that, my husband and I attended the wedding of our niece in Denver, Colorado. The whole trip lasted from April 9 to May 1 and took us through nine states. It was quite a journey. I feel a little tired just thinking about it.

Now we are getting ready to take a much shorter trip, again leaving in April and returning in May. We’ll fly and take the train, rent a car in Utah, and hop on the train again. We’ll attend our daughter’s college graduation in Indiana and see some national parks in Utah.

I wish I were a better blogger. I have lots of ideas. Write on lots of scraps of papers. Blog in my head often…but not so good at actually working it all out and posting, or getting the photos off of my camera, for that matter. Yes, someday I’ll own a smartphone, but not for now.

So what’s the point? Recently, I ran across three small pieces of paper with the title “Snatches of Conversations from the Roadtrip.” Or “Roadtrip Snippets”

I decided maybe I should post as is, considering it’s a year late. As my 8th grade teacher often said, “Better late than never.” To which he always added: “Better never late.” 🙂

I present to you now, from my April 2014 Tour/Roadtrip:

Roadtrip Snippets

Me (Wyoming): “This does not look like the cover on the tourist magazine.”

Husband: “Location, location, location.”

Me: “Good point. Where is that place from Close Encounters. I want to see that.” (Looks out window hopefully.)

DSC00628 DSC00629


Me: “Texas is a big state.”

Husband: “Yep.”

Me: “Was that a tumbleweed we just hit?”


Me: “I didn’t know there were mountains in New Mexico.” (Looking at map and then out the window.) “I bet we can see Oklahoma from here.”

“Snow! Is that snow? That’s snow!”


“Is that the sun? Why can I look directly at the sun? Is this a dust storm?”


“Navigation. Destination. Find a POI near here. Motel.”


“Do you think it’s always this windy here?”


In the skyway highways of Dallas: “I miss Wyoming roads.”



In New Mexico: “I miss Texas rest areas.”



In Arizona: “They have Safeways! We’re almost home!”


“I’ll never make fun of the trees in Idaho again.”


“I’m going to miss this car.”


Singing with John Denver as we near Oregon: “Hey it’s good to be back home again.”


“Did I just miss my exit? Did I just miss my exit?”

Car: “Make a legal U-turn. Go 100 feet and make a legal U-turn.

“Shut up car. You’re wrong.”

CIMG1911 DSC00720 DSC00671

Looking forward to the next adventure. 🙂

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