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Counting Down…Release of Keeper

keeper front rev

Counting down…

FIVE more days until Keeper (Seed Savers, 4) goes live! Until then, I have another excerpt and some deals for you.

FIRST: If you want to get the discount on the ebook, you need to preorder it before November 7. Like right now. Links at the bottom of the post.

If you do Goodreads, one signed paperback copy of Keeper is up for grabs (U.S. only) through December 10. It would make a great Christmas gift :).

Lastly, as part of my book launch, the three book boxed set of Treasure, Lily, and Heirloom will be on sale ONE WEEK ONLY (Nov. 14-20) for $.99 instead of $5.99. Mark your calendars!

And now for Excerpt #2 from Keeper:

Her jaw was tight, teeth clenched together like an acrobat hanging on for dear life. The thin, pointed nose was tilted upward. Her stepmother dragged her into the room, a room so luxurious that Jen, the stepmom, later snapped several photos with the fancy telecom she’d been given by the woman with the dull blue eyes.

“Be good,” Jen blurted. “Make good on this opportunity, Rosie.”

Her name wasn’t Rosie; only Jen called her that. Rose looked the other way. In the hall, hushed voices spoke; broken bits of conversation floated in: more next month … as long as she cooperates … don’t worry…

Where had her father been in all this?

Finally the footsteps moved away; someone came in, closed the door.

“Hello, Rose.”

The woman smiled at Rose. It was the same smile she’d used before. Maybe it was the only smile she had. The skin-deep one.

“I’m Trinia,” she said. “Remember me?” Rose did not respond. “Can I get you something to drink? Soda, juice, water?”

Soda couldn’t be purchased with Ration Tickets, only juice and tea.

“Soda,” Rose answered.

“Of course.” Trinia reached into the refrigerator and grabbed two flavors of soda. “Choose whichever you like.” She paused, watching the girl carefully. “Rose, I need to run a few errands.” She handed Rose a remote and pointed to the wall which, only now, Rose realized was a Monitor Wall. “There are 432 channels. Including thirty-five interactive. They are all multidimensional. Feel free.” Then, as an afterthought, “You don’t mind being left alone?”

Rose was already surfing through the channels, guzzling the soda. “No. I’m good,” she answered, her eyes never leaving the Monitor.

Outside the room, halfway down the hall, the clicking of the heels stopped. Trinia pushed a button on her telecom. “Candy from a baby,” she said.

Not even the fake smile was showing.

You can preorder Keeper here for the special low price of $1.99.






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