Happy Birthday, Oregon

For everyone else today is Valentine’s Day. For Oregonians it’s our state’s birthday–157th to be exact. Yesterday the hubby and I headed over to the capitol to celebrate (did I mention free cupcakes?) There were a lot of fun events for kids, but since our kids are grown (mostly) we walked around, enjoying the building and fiddle music. Old buildings are interesting and beautiful.

I did snap a few photos of the special event, however:

Here’s my hubby trying to hitch a ride in a covered wagon.


hitching a ride on the Oregon trail

They aren’t very big on the inside.


cramped quarters










More room on the outside of the wagon!IMG_0904








An awesome John McLoughlin!















Of course, the state seal


Happy Birthday, Oregon!

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2 comments on “Happy Birthday, Oregon

  1. Happy birthday, Oregon! Just to think, my house (a perfectly ordinary UK house) is older than Oregon 😉

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