Celebrate #AgDay 2016


Today is National Ag Day. What is Ag Day? It’s a day to celebrate agriculture. To quote the AgDay website: “National Ag Day is a day to recognize and celebrate the abundance provided by agriculture.” On the For Educators/Students page, there is a fine list of reasons why it’s important to celebrate agriculture, including these:

  • Increased knowledge of agriculture and nutrition allows individuals to make informed personal choices about diet and health
  • Informed citizens will be able to participate in establishing the policies that will support a competitive agricultural industry in this country and abroad.
  • Agriculture is too important a topic to be taught only to the small percentage of students considering careers in agriculture and pursuing vocational agricultural studies.
  • Agricultural literacy includes an understanding of agriculture’s history and current economic, social and environmental significance to all Americans. This understanding includes some knowledge of food and fiber production, processing and domestic and international marketing.

What’s my connection to agriculture? I’m from a family of farmers. My parents, grandparents, brother, uncles and aunts were/are farmers. Growing up, we mostly grew berries (yum!)

berrypicking 2


That’s me in the middle, picking berries with my sisters!

It was hard work, but we were oh-so-connected with our food supply. I still grow a lot of my own food and put it up for the winter.

It was not something I had to learn about in school. Sadly, this is no longer the case as most children today have little direct connection with agriculture.

I love growing, cooking, and eating fresh and minimally processed food! Take a moment today to think about how you can educate someone about agriculture during national ag week, and as we look forward to spring.

There are many good resources available online. Agday.org has a reading list of materials for kids, although my series is not listed. Check out the Seed Savers series here.

Book one, Treasure, is FREE in ebook!!

Have a great day, and when the weather permits, go out and plant something! 🙂


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  1. I was 10! And I was, and still am, a girl!

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