New Chicks In Town


My husband and I recently brought home some baby chicks. This is our second time. The last time was when our kids were still at home. The chicks and the kids grew up. I miss them both. Although there’s not much you can do when your kids move out, I did decide I’d had enough of the quiet yard, the empty coop. So although it will be a few months before they are “the ladies,” we are enjoying having babies again. Let me introduce you:


This is Dixie. She’s a Barred Plymouth Rock. Our last Barred Rock was Clover and she was a sweetie.


This is Ginger (Gingersnap). She is a Novogen, also known as a Red Sex Link. She has a gentle, calm disposition.


This is Lolli (Lollipop). Her alternate name is FancyPants. We will see which one she grows into better. She is very active, always on the move! She is a Speckled Sussex.

Looking at the photos of the chicks reminded me of the scene in Heirloom when Clare and Dante get to choose and name several chicks for the first time. I’ll post the excerpt next time.


Do you have chicks or chickens? What have been some of your favorite breeds to raise? Leave a comment! šŸ™‚

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2 comments on “New Chicks In Town

  1. I love the barred rocks–they are very personable!

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