Top 15 Reasons to Attend Heirloom Expo

Okay, so this was supposed to be a “TOP 10” list, but there were just so many good reasons…:)

Top 15 Reasons to Attend the National Heirloom Expo in Santa Rosa, California

  1. Kid friendly
  2. Giant PumpkinsIMG_0084
  3. Educational workshops
  4. Tables of beautiful veggies
  5. Meet old friends

  6. Make new friends
  7. PigsIMG_0142
  8. Healthy food
  9. Cool products from awesome vendors


    That’s me!

  10. Rooster crowing competition
  11. Interesting Exhibits

  12. Musical entertainment
  13. Awe-inspiring speakers
  14. Meet your heroes

  15. Contribute to a healthier planet with healthier inhabitants

So what are you waiting for? Make your plans to come to the National Heirloom Expo September 6, 7, 8 for 2016. And don’t forget to come by my table and say hi. 🙂


S. Smith is the author of the awesome and award-winning middle grade/YA series, Seed Savers. Visit her Facebook and Pinterest pages. Follow her on TwitterSign up for the newsletter!



4 comments on “Top 15 Reasons to Attend Heirloom Expo

  1. Good luck and have a great time!

  2. I’m bringing 96 2nd graders on Thursday, can you share your angle with me as to how to make this the most educational and meaningful?

    • Be sure to check out the new Kids Pavilion in Finley Hall and the special schedule of children’s events and activities. Also, like any field trip, you want to prepare the kids well ahead of time and debrief afterwards. For example, you could have them look for the giant food pyramid, the gourd lady, an author 😏, etc.

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