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Amazon has deemed October the month to celebrate Indie writers/publishers. Libraries across the country will be celebrating the FIRST ANNUAL Indie Author Day on October 8. So never mind that Wikipedia doesn’t have a page for Indie Author or Indie Publishing. Or maybe I should say “not yet.”

All month, Indies are invited to share on social media why they love being indie authors using the hashtag #PoweredByIndie.

Amazon has an official landing page for indie books and authors. (Wish Seed Savers could make it there, but since I doubt it, check it out here.)

I read an article once that said “self-publishers should not be called authors.” The writer of the article suggested you needed to make a certain amount of money to be called an author, otherwise you were just a “plain old writer.” Not sure what he thinks we should call actors and actresses who don’t earn enough money. “Plain old class clowns?”

Thankfully, most readers do not agree. It’s not the publisher or the monetary compensation that determines authors. It’s the writing and the publishing. And Amazon has given writers/authors the opportunity get their books out there in front of readers.

Thank you KDP, CreateSpace, and ACX for access to the world.



Do you have a favorite Indie author or book? Leave a comment below. ūüôā

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