Not Feeling the #MondayMotivation

It’s been three weeks since I posted on the blog and I’m feeling the pressure from my boss…yes, me.

I’m not particularly inspired.

Normally by this time I could throw up some photos of my beautiful garden. Sigh. We’ve had cold, rainy weather and my garden is just starting to appear…

My birthday came and went, but that’s not really blog material.

I harvested my fava beans and thought about posting about fava beans like I did with the scarlet runners last fall…but I lost inspiration.


I even started a post about Prescription Farmshares–have you heard of those? Where CSAs or other small farms provide fresh produce and the doctor actually writes a prescription for healthy food? But, alas, didn’t finish that one either.

I also got a new piece of technology recently and have been spending time figuring out if I’ll be able to utilize its full potential. An iPad Pro with pencil. Maybe that will be a future post.

For whatever reason, I’ve fallen off the writing wagon again, both with the book and the blog. Hard to get back on.

So for now, I’m checking in to let you know I’m still here and waiting for inspiration. In the meantime, here are some cute pictures of baby skunks we had for a week after “mom” was accidentally live-trapped and released before we knew she had a family. We subsequently deposited them to a wildlife rehabilitation center. I miss them.

Over and out.



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4 comments on “Not Feeling the #MondayMotivation

  1. At least you wrote something. Keep trying.

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