Gonna Watch My Garden Grow

I mentioned in my last post that my garden is super late because of the nonstop cold and rain we had this spring. I decided to record it now so I can compare it to its full-grown self in the fall.

Forgive my poor video abilities; I hope to improve with practice. 🙂

Basically, I live in town with a fenced backyard. Along part of the yard I have my garden. I try to get beans, etc., to climb up along the fence. The beans do well, sometimes the cucumbers. The melons haven’t been very successful at it. Last year I even had a hanging pumpkin!

Without further ado, here is my late June garden (which is what it normally looks like in late May!) If we don’t have a warm September, it may be sunk!


How are your gardens doing?

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4 comments on “Gonna Watch My Garden Grow

  1. I planted out two runner beans yesterday. That’s late. Then again, they were the only two to come up. What’s in your garden makes a brilliant blog post ❤

  2. Fresh peas and new potatoes for dinner tonight!

    • Nice! I’ve had neither yet. I think I might be able to find a few spuds, but the pea pods are tiny. Very strange. And my raspberries are almost finished and so darn many!

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