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Watching My Garden Grow, Parts 2 & 3

So back in June I posted a video of my garden. It rained a long time here (seems long ago now) in the spring, so everything was late getting in. And traditionalist that I am, I grow everything from seed myself rather than bringing in starts (okay, maybe I’m just cheap), anyway, so this year everything is late.

July was a busy month for me, what with a week in Portland at the Master Gardener Convention and the Horticulture Society’s Children & Youth Garden Symposium. Then I had a week to get the house in order for the arrival of my daughter and boyfriend from out of state and to plan for my community center half-day camp (I’m the coordinator.) Then of course, there was the actual week of camp, simultaneous with the visit. Phew!


My lovely daughter & boyfriend sampling Marionberries.

During that time, I ran out and videotaped a July version of the garden, only to never post it. So this morning I taped it again, and am posting both.

Gardens amaze me. In the beginning, everything seems amply spaced (see June video), only to later grow into one big gnarly heap! Anyhow, I can’t seem to stop planting the darn things, even if they make it harder to leave and go camping during the heatwaves (which we’ve been having).

Here is my video of July 25, almost exactly a month after the Gonna Watch My Garden Grow post:

And, voila, almost like two posts in one, my video from this morning, August 5:

(I just watched these two, and the beginnings are similar, but I do show some of my container plants at the end of this second one. And I apologize that the videos are sort of hard to hear.)

What kind of garden do you grow? Comments always welcome in the section below. 🙂

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