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Watching My Garden Grow #4

Now that it’s September, it’s time for the last video of my backyard garden…that overgrown, tangled mess of a fall garden. Time to see what worked and what failed. In case you want to compare, here is the initial post from June.

Also, as I’ve been saying, we got a late beginning this year because of so much winter and spring rain. Which was followed by a very hot, very dry summer. We’ve also had days and days of smoke-filled skies from forest fires, not to mention a total eclipse of the sun. So it hasn’t exactly been a typical garden year.

That being said, some things remain the same. The hope as the seeds go in, and the harvest before the cold and dark of winter.


Anyone want to share about their garden? Perhaps it is spring where you live, and you are at the hopeful, expectant stage. 🙂 Comments and questions always welcome below.

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