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Clare & Dante Prepare for Easter

Reblogging this Easter post from a few years ago…

In recognition of the season, here is an excerpt from Heirloom (Seed Savers, 3), in which Clare and Dante prepare for Easter with their host parents in Canada. Growing up in a place where real eggs were unknown, it’s their first experience coloring eggs.



It would soon be Easter, Clare’s favorite holiday. There had been a few years, when she was eight or nine, when her friends had almost convinced her otherwise, but all in all, she was an Easter devotee. She loved the season: spring, bursting with new life and warmer weather; she loved the plastic toy hunts in the malls and parks; and most of all, she loved the Holy Season, starting with Ash Wednesday and leading up to Easter Sunday.

This year, however, Clare anticipated it with mixed emotions. She looked forward to it because the Woods would finally take her and Dante to…

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