Excerpt from Seed Savers Treasure


purple beans

In celebration of the rerelease of Treasure today, I’m posting an excerpt from the book that explains the title.

Enjoy. From chapter 8:

Ana reached down and pulled something from the pocket of her sweater. She rested her closed fist on the table and opened it slowly like a flower opening its petals to the sunshine. Three small capsules were inside. They were hard and white with little black eyes.

“What is it?” Dante asked. “Fruit?”

“Seeds!” Ana said.

Stunned cries came from the children.

“But they don’t look like the other seeds you gave me,” Clare said.

“That’s true. I’ve only brought you small seeds, ones that were easy to pass. These are bean seeds,” she said, placing one in each child’s hand. “They’re one of my favorites to watch grow. Now listen while I explain the process. We’re almost out of time.” The children listened, holding the precious seeds tightly.

“To grow food, you bury the seed in soil. The seed needs water to begin growing, to sprout; germination it’s called. After a certain amount of time, if the soil is warm enough and the seed stays moist, a plant will grow from within the seed, pushing up through the soil.”

She paused, checking the children’s faces for comprehension. “Each seed contains within it a complete plant and everything the plant needs to grow.”

Dante broke the silence that followed. “So it’s all there in the seed? The whole plant is just waiting inside the seed? It’s like a treasure that you need to bury instead of one that you dig up?”

“So it is, Dante, so it is.”

“Then what?” Lily prodded, trying to get to the bottom of things.

“Well, the plant grows bigger and bigger if it continues to have light and water. Some plants produce a fruit containing seeds. Other plants will just make more seed. And so it goes. You already know the other parts of the plant. People ate various plants, and different parts of each plant. Sometimes the preferred part is the leaves, sometimes it’s the root, or stem—”


“Other times it’s the fruit, or even the seed.”

“People eat the seeds?”

“Look at your bean seeds—beans are very popular food in many parts of the world—and used to be here.”

“But they’re so small,” said Lily.

“And hard,” added Dante.

Ana laughed. “You make them soft,” she explained. “And you eat a whole pile of them,” she said, looking at Lily.


She sensed their hesitation.

“So that’s it?” Clare said. “You bury the seeds in soil and they grow into plants, and you eat the plants? How long does it take?”

“It takes time.” She could tell Clare was disappointed. But what could she expect? These children were used to instant food, instant information, ready-made everything. Still, she knew the desire was there. Be patient, she told herself. Bring them along carefully. Children are our only hope.

Thanks for reading! You can order Seed Savers Treasure from your local bookstore, request it at the library, or buy from the online vendors below. Also available through Ingram or direct from me, or from my publisher, Flying Books House.

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 Sandra Smith is the author of the awesome and award-winning middle grade/YA series, Seed Savers. Visit her Facebook and Pinterest pages. Follow her on TwitterSign up for the newsletter!


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  1. Good luck with the relaunch, Sandra!

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