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Treasure on Audio

Since I’m away enjoying my birthday (yesterday), reblogging this one from last year in my continuing celebration of the rerelease of Treasure.

It occurs to me that although I mentioned in my last post (the interview with Treasure‘s narrator) that Treasure had just been released on audio, I had no official announcement post. So here it is.

Drum roll, throat clearing: The first book in my Seed Savers series–Treasure–is now available as an audiobook!! Yay! Treasure can be downloaded from Treasure’s Amazon page, iTunes, and of course, Audible.

If you aren’t familiar with the series, Seed Savers takes place in a not-so-distant future where gardening is illegal and real food is forgotten by the younger generations. Treasure begins with three children trying to figure out the connection between seeds and food. The story is perfect for families who love gardening, or for schools and clubs with gardens. It’s also just a fun adventure story that offers up important questions to think about.

Here are…

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