My Favorite Time of Year on the Farm

Yesterday I went out to the farm where I grew up. I go most every Sunday to visit Mom and Dad. In the summer, I also go to visit the farm. Or more accurately, to graze.

I started at the raspberries, but since I have so many of my own at home I just plucked a few off as I passed by. The blueberry patch, on the other hand, was a prime target. With over 40 bushes (over 50 years old!) I like a nice sampling. With Dad trailing along, I worked my way up one side and down the other. I didn’t bother with the middle row. My favorite way to eat blueberries is fresh off the bush. Since the first picking of these bushes was to occur the next day it was the best time to be there!

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Dad couldn’t help wanting me to take a photo of how loaded the hazelnut (a.k.a. filbert) trees are. These are the current cash crop of the farm.

After that I moseyed over to my sister’s house next door to see how the Marionberries were doing. They’d been picked a little close so I didn’t find many sweet ones. 😦


Last came the cherry tree. I like to leave cherries for last because of the sweetness factor. Never eat the sweetest fruit first.


I came equipped to pick enough to can 7 quarts. Dad offered to let me use the cherry picker. Oh, yeah!


After I was finished, I backed the cherry picker up and announced, “I wanna see how high this thing goes!” It brought a grin to my dad’s face. 🙂


A view of my parents from my perch.


Looking over the filbert orchard from up in the cherry picker.

My mom got a little worried when I was so high up so I didn’t quite take it as high as it would go. Maybe next time. 🙂

Here are my cherries after I’d gone home and canned them in a hot water bath. (Before and after.)


I hope you enjoyed a peek into my Sunday evening. What’s growing in your neck of the woods?

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2 comments on “My Favorite Time of Year on the Farm

  1. Wow! We only have strawberries and raspberries as yet, and we’re in drought conditions so they’re not doing too well. I’m hoping my two blueberry bushes will have something for me a little later in the season!

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