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How Does Your Garden Grow?

We’re nearing the end of July and it’s time for the midsummer garden clean-up. I finally pulled out the peas, making room for other plants still in pots or for later plantings…


The first round of raspberries is finished (mine produce twice a year), and I’ve finished picking clean two of my three blueberry bushes. I brought in my last bunch of lettuce, though the cucumbers are starting and there’s cabbage out at my mom and dad’s place (my extension garden :)), so I’m not lacking for salad and I have enough lettuce stowed in the fridge to feed a horse.

It’s hot and dry. In a place known for rain, we begin to miss it about now, especially since the rain ended six weeks earlier than usual this year.

I planted bush beans this year, as well as the fence climbing pole beans. The bush beans have a shorter days to harvest window, so even though they take up more space than the pole beans, I’m enjoying fresh beans for dinner. I have three kinds: purple, green, and green with purple stripes. ūüôā Yum.

My peppers are looking good and so are the tomatoes. The lettuce leaf basil is humongous and the thai basil so pretty.



So far, it’s been a good gardening year.

How is your late July garden looking?

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