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Review of Seed Savers-Treasure


Ohh, my publisher just sent me this review of Treasure posted on NetGalley. I don’t often repost reviews because it seems kind of braggy, but it really made my heart sing. The reviewer mentioned a lot of things I always hope people will think and say. So pardon me for reposting, but sometimes we need a little encouragement. If you’re a fan, rejoice with me. If you haven’t heard of the Seed Savers series, it’s a good intro.

Here it is, from NetGalley Reviewer, “ar r” about Seed Savers-Treasure:

5 Stars

A book with a cast of diverse characters importing real life lessons for children! Yes!  Sign me up for the whole series please! A dystopian novel featuring teens that doesn’t require romance to stand up on its own two feet, sign me up twice.

It’s the future but an uncomfortably near future. Growing your own food is banned and it only took a generation for people to forget how to plant things and to convince children that food only comes from a store but… There is a gentle rebellion happening though, no not a bunch of teenagers fighting to the death or dragons descending from the sky… but a rebellion of knowledge and in knowing your history. There are many parallels to present day here for readers but as each person might see or feel a different one, I’ll leave those to be discovered by you.    

In the very near future nearly everything is GMO, comes from a can and no one would know what to do with a  sunflower seed if you spit it at them. Flavors don’t exist as much more than a superfluous title for food colored mush. A few children have a chance encounter and their lives change.  The story follows Clare, her brother and their friend Lily as they are allowed into an underground insurgence of seed savers and plant growers. It is a crime to have seeds in this world and Clare has been given a small envelope full of them and the knowledge needed to make them blossom into something world changing.

The children learn about plants, how to grow them, the patience and skill it takes for some and lack of skill for others. When the government agents come knocking Clare takes her brother on the run, where they learn the strength they have in themselves and show remarkable independence.

This is a great book series for middle age readers and garden lovers alike. There is diverse cast of children included, race, religion, socioeconomic backgrounds… and it’s just like that, the characters exist as themselves without beating you over the head with “look this character is Christian and this one is Jewish” and I think the soft subtle differences help encourage young minds (subliminally) to be accepting – because people are different.

I will seek out the other books in this series and read ’em even if they aren’t here for review, that’s how much I like ’em. I’ll go out and buy them.

This link will take you to a page where you can choose from different booksellers if you want to read Treasure for yourself. Book 2, Lily is due by the end of this month. Stay tuned for the cover reveal!!  Books 2 and 3, Lily and Heirloom available now.


Treasurefinanewfront copy

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