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Reveling in Fall Colors


In an area known more for large evergreen trees, fall in these parts has been spectacular this year. I know there’s a reason for this based on the weather, etc., but rather than research that, I’m just going to say how much I’m enjoying it. The bright yellows and reds actually seem to lighten up the outdoors even on cloudy days like today. And yes, western Oregon has lots of clouds for many months of the year.

I live in a neighborhood of “tree streets”: Maple, Hickory, Pine, Walnut, Cherry, etc. And the names are no accident. It’s an older neighborhood, so many of the trees are really large. And yes, the leaves are a job to rake up, but raking leaves is one of my favorite chores!! (I also enjoy sorting laundry in case you were wondering.)


And of course it’s not just the tree leaves that turn color, but also the blueberry bushes, the snowball bush, and even my blue hydrangeas have turned red!

Tonight we end daylight savings and it will start being dark by 4:30 soon . . . the part I hate most about winter. But until then, I dutifully rake up the leaves each day and haul them out to my compost pile in the alley.


I hope wherever you are (where it is fall!) that you’re also enjoying beautiful autumn colors!

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