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My Spring Garden


Today’s post is a bit of an extension from yesterday’s post.

I mentioned that I had a couple of big decisions and outcomes I was facing. These dilemmas happened to coincide with unseasonably warm, dry weather. Nice, right? So I basically avoided social media and direct contact with the big decisions to be made and prepared and planted my backyard garden instead.

It was a good move on my part. By the time the nice weather ended, my garden was completely planned and most of it planted. And I was ready to face those decisions. And now I’m slowly getting back in front of the computer. In the meantime, I also get to watch my garden grow, and now that the rain is back, it is growing!

A few photos from this year’s garden:

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I got new strawberry plants this year and they are looking great. The grate is protecting them from birds and squirrels.

The lettuce I planted before we left on our trip to Chicago in April. The artichoke plant is super old. I think it would do better if we separated it, but I don’t know anyone who wants starts.


These beans are from my most recent planting. And did I mention that it was actually so hot that we opened our tiny pool early? Way early. But next time it’s in the 80s we will be ready! ūüôā


Because of the extended trip we took in April this year, I didn’t grow my own vegetable starts from seed like usual. I think last year’s garden I started everything from seed. Tomatoes, peppers, onions, etc. etc. This year I bought my tomato starts and will buy my pepper starts. I won’t even plant storage onions. Gonna miss the strings of them hanging around the kitchen. I did go ahead and start some cabbage, broccoli, and cauliflower from seed after we got back. We’ll see how they do.

If you want to see my last year’s garden, here it is on video at three different points in the season. (Oops, apparently this was from two years ago and there are four videos!)

#1 Gonna Watch My Garden Grow

#2 & #3


How about you, do you garden?

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