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A Peek At this Year’s Garden

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It’s been a busy summer (isn’t it always?) and there’s a lot I could say, but I think I’ll make this first post back from a several-week hiatus a mostly pictorial post. Since my book series is about gardening, here’s a summary of my own backyard/urban garden of 2019.

First off, I threw a few pumpkins out there last fall thinking if a few came up maybe I could keep them from spreading. HAHAHAHAHAHA.  A LOT came up this time and I didn’t know whether it was the mini-pumpkins or the regular size. I transplanted a couple over to the iron arch, hoping to train them upward. I let a few others live.

The nasturtium also seed off too much every year and it’s so hard for me to pull them out. But when you let them live they take over. Then again, I love the burst of color they offer and so do the hummingbirds. Dilemma.

My rhubarb also just wouldn’t stop. I kept picking it and my sister told me that’s why it wouldn’t stop. Anybody want 16 cups of rhubarb from my freezer?

Pumpkin taking over


On a brighter note, my corn is growing really tall! (I had a hard time getting it to come up at first, that’s why there aren’t very many.)

Tall corn and overgrown nasturtium

My green beans were beautiful! And early on so was my basil. And my radishes did better than usual.

My tomatoes haven’t done very well. The big juicy tomatoes put only 3-4 tomatoes on this year. What??? Not sure why. Could be a few things. Also, note to self: Do not plant perennial herbs directly into garden. Such as tarragon, fennel, or sage. They just get TOO BIG.


In a nutshell, my garden this year is a jungle. 🙂



How is your garden? Let me know in the comments below.

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