Everything’s Coming Up Peaches



August is such a busy time of year!

As I mention in some of my author bios, each year I pick and can 75-100 pounds of peaches. I eat the canned peaches during the winter as part of my breakfast. Though I come from a farm family and get a lot of my produce for free, peaches, sadly, are not among the bounty. But I do have my favorite farm to buy the peaches from, and so every August I drag my husband along and we pick Veteran peaches.

Here is a look at this year’s adventure:




And, of course, the final product!



And let’s not forget the peach pie I took our family reunion.



Yum! Do you have a favorite summer fruit you like to stock up on? Comment section below.

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2 comments on “Everything’s Coming Up Peaches

  1. No peaches here, but I’ll be making raspberry jam from the pickings from my canes later…
    Shame we can’t swap a jar!

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