2019 Heirloom Expo: Serendipity & the Littlest Fan

We made it back from the Heirloom Expo late Friday night, driving it all in one day and not spending time with the lovely Redwoods as we sometimes do.

I didn’t think the Expo was as well-attended as when we had last visited (2016), but all the things I love about it were still intact: the friendly visitors, exhibitors, & vendors; the wonderful speakers; the array of healthy and earth-friendly products for sale; and of course, the beautiful displays of vegetables and flowers. I’m sorry to say I didn’t make it out to the animal barns this year.

This was my first time back at the Expo with the new covers, and also since the Seed Savers series was completed. It meant I had to get new banners, bookmarks, etc., with the new branding. Here’s my table:


Looks great, doesn’t it?

There were a lot of special moments, but three that really stick with me. I’ll share one of these now.

I was sitting at my table and a little girl saw my books and ran over and grabbed one. I thought it was probably Seed Savers-Lily and that the girl’s name was Lily because similar things have happened before with Seed Savers-Lily. The woman with her, who I assume was mom, gave me an odd sort of look when I asked if the girl’s name was Lily, but then explained that they had just bought Seed Savers-Treasure.

“Oh, you bought it yesterday?” I asked. (This happened on the second day of the expo.)

“No,” she said. “We bought it off of Amazon, it’s out in the car. I just read her the first 14 pages; she loves it.”

What!?? Someone had randomly bought my book elsewhere, just started reading it, and then run into me at this fair! We talked a little more, they asking if they brought the book in the next day if I would sign it, etc. Yes, of course!

It was so serendipitous!

The next day when they returned for the autograph, they also bought the second book. My husband was with me at the booth this time, so we got a few pictures together. Here is my littlest fan:

She was very excited to run into the author and get a signed book!!!

I’ll write another post later about other highlights. For more photos, check out my author Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram. Thanks for reading. 🙂

Sandra Smith is the author of the awesome and award-winning middle grade/YA series, Seed Savers. Visit her Facebook and Pinterest pages. Follow her on TwitterSign up for the newsletter!

4 comments on “2019 Heirloom Expo: Serendipity & the Littlest Fan

  1. What a beautiful exhibit! Also, it is hard to measure the impact those serendipitous meetings have, especially on children – it feels like magic when you’re a kid and you meet a “real” author!

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