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2019 Heirloom Expo: Everything Else (Well, Almost)


Ok, before it’s too far in the rearview mirror, here are my final thoughts on this year’s Expo. (See previous two posts here and here.)

I stated earlier that there were a lot of special moments, but three that had really stuck with me. The first two special moments I wrote separate posts about. The third is this: I sold all the copies of Seed Savers-Treasure that I had brought! I have never before sold out of anything, so that felt great! And it happened at the very end so I didn’t have to deal with anybody wanting to buy something I no longer had. 🙂 Yahoo! Yippee! Yay! Hurrah! Great big happy face!

Aside from those three most special moments, there were tons of other great things . . . mostly to do with all the awesome folks we met. There was the hot pepper guy. Often when my part of the building was thin on crowds I would stand up at my booth rather than look at my ipad. It was better form, I thought, and also better for my health. This often caused people to walk over and talk with me.

So this guy walked over and started talking to me and I noticed he was wearing a “presenter badge.” I asked what he was presenting on. Turns out he was Ubaldo Solorio and his presentation was called “Producing Super Hot Peppers.” Well, last year I ended up growing too many super hot peppers (probably just regular hot by his standards), so I had definitely not planned on attending. I told him of my predicament and he proceeded to share multiple ways to use all those peppers. (If only I could remember!) It was a delightful conversation with a delightful man.

Then there was another young gal who also walked over because it wasn’t busy and I was standing there behind my table. “You look so lonely over here,” she said as she approached. We started talking about my books and as I became more excited from her enthusiasm, I got to the part about the kids in the book only knowing “blueberry” as a flavor and then imagine how it was for them to eat a real blueberry! “I love your soul!” she exclaimed. She ended up buying a book.

There was Judith, who remembered me from several years back. Judith repurchased the entire series again because she wasn’t sure what she had done with the other (incomplete) set. Ekani & Kern, vendors of medicinal herbs and tinctures with whom we kept tabs of daily business.

There was the beautiful seed packet art of the Hudson Valley Seed Company, the seed carver, and the gourd carvers.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Speakers such as Robert Kennedy Jr and Vandana Shiva.

My friend Paul, who publishes a paper called the UpBeat Times, “where no bad news is … good news!” Old friend Rachel Parent, food advocate since she was a child.

And I even had the incredible luck of viewing the weighing of the giant pumpkins. I’d never stumbled across that before! After the winner was declared, he greeted the onlookers and gave them all 3 seeds from the batch that grew the winning pumpkin!

Last but not least, I often get to meet people at the Expo who I’ve met on social media., but not in person. This year I met Evan Gregoire, also from Oregon, based in Portland (Portland Seed House). We follow each other on Instagram. 🙂

Of course I should mention that this year I did a little Christmas shopping early. Here’s a peek at some of the wonderful products I splurged on.



Until next time, Heirloom Expo!


Sandra Smith is the author of the awesome and award-winning middle grade/YA series, Seed Savers. Visit her Facebook and Pinterest pages. Follow her on Twitter. Sign up for the newsletter!




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